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Author : Carlos Gomez
Update time : 2023-01-12 16:00:44
  You may have noticed that many customers ask for disposable straws when ordering drinks. That's because disposable straws allow them to easily sip a soda or stir a cocktail. However, pairing disposable straws with each order also provides you with a great opportunity to spice up your drink and grab your attention.

  There are many straws on the market and it is important to understand the benefits of each. This will enable you to quickly identify straws that are best for your drink and meet the needs of your institution.

disposable straws  Benefits of disposable straws
  Disposable straws are the most commonly used straws in food service establishments, as they can be paired with drinks to go and drinks to eat in. These multipurpose straws are convenient for your business because they can be drunk with any beverage and simply thrown away after use.

  Many food service establishments like to pair drinks with disposable straws because it eliminates the hassle of cleaning the straws. Reusable straws require a straw cleaner brush and special technology to clean thoroughly. Because reusable straws are harder to clean and use more than once, disposable straws are considered more hygienic. Disposable straws are also a popular choice because they tend to be softer than reusable straws, providing a safer way for children to drink.

  Why are plastic straws banned
  Plastic straws have been banned in many cities and food service establishments across the country due to their environmental damage. Plastic straws don't break down or biodegrade, leaving them in landfills for hundreds of years. Instead, they break down into microplastics, which end up in the ocean and negatively affect Marine wildlife.

  To help prevent plastic straws from harming the planet, a number of environmentally friendly alternatives have been created. This makes it crucial to understand the differences between each available disposable straw and its benefits. Here is a detailed breakdown of the different materials they are made from to help you choose the best environmentally friendly straws for your business.

  Type of disposable straw
  PLA straws
  PLA straws are made from bioplastics derived from renewable sources such as corn starch, sugar cane or cassava root. Unlike traditional plastic straws, PLA straws can be used for commercial composting and provide you with an environmentally friendly way to serve your refreshments. PLA straws are also as strong and durable as traditional plastic straws, ensuring that they hold their shape in cold drinks and provide customers with a comfortable drinking experience.

  Hay straw
  Hay straw is made from wheat stalks. They are naturally durable and do not get wet when paired with hot or cold drinks. These straws are commercially compostable and biodegradable, providing you with an easy way to minimize your business's carbon footprint and meet the needs of your ecologically conscious customers. Because these straws are made from natural plant stems, each straw has a unique look that stands out. In addition, they can be easily cut to any size to meet the needs of your institution.

  Paper straw
  Paper straws are fully biodegradable and are a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. Made with food safety dyes, they have unique patterns and colors that complement the look of the drink. Paper straws are available in a variety of sizes and can withstand the temperature of a cold snack.

Hydepackage Flexible Disposable Plastic Drinking Straws Videos From YouTube

  Disposable straws provide great convenience for customers. It allows them to sip snacks without having to place their mouths on the rim of the glass. However, before buying straws for your business, consider the type of beverage you will be serving. You want to make sure you have the right disposable straws for each drink to enhance the drinking experience. Before placing an order, just consider your menu, customers and food service establishments to ensure you find the best disposable straws for your business.
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